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   Use Temperature Instead of Chemicals to Clean(2)

We put a few temperature-based house cleaning methods to the test, and found most of them work. Use Temperature Instead of Chemicals to Clean?Some of these cleaning solutions are widespread urban legends. Others are from an exhaustive list of alternative cleaning methods provided by the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County, Illinois. The agency acknowledges it simply compiled the list without testing any of the methods. Do you really need a pantry full of cleaning chemicals? Or can ice, boiling water, steam cleaner,baking soda and vinegar clean most everything?
Use Temperature Instead of Chemicals to Clean(2)


1)Killing bedbugs:
Freezing is also one of the only proven ways (the other is heat) to kill bedbugs. Freeze infested sheets, backpacks or other items to 23 degrees Fahrenheit or less for at least five days, according to researchers at the University of Minnesota.
Plenty of surfaces and materials can be cleaned with ice or boiling water and some common household ingredients. However, other alleged homemade steam mop cleaners just don’t cut it. Still, even the ones that didn’t work for us may be worth a try before spending good money and bringing new toxic chemicals into the home.

2) Exterminating ants:
Boiling water is an effective, if perhaps cruel, way to get rid of fire ant hills. Thankfully, we have no ants to ward off, so we couldn’t test this attack. Here are 10 other natural ways to beat an ant infestation.
Other low-temp cleaning solutions
There are also a couple other proven freeze-cleaning methods, which we thankfully didn’t need to put to the test.

3)Boil away house odors
Verdict: Success
We have tried clearing the air by boiling a pot of DIY potpourri — a mix of citrus peels and sweet spices — to pleasant success. We have no way of scientifically measuring the odor, but it neutralized the stinky diapers. It also beats chemical air fresheners that often contain petrochemicals and carcinogens.

4)Boiling silverware:
We hear boiling water and baking soda can clean tarnished silverware, but we didn’t have any silverware on hand to test the idea. Here’s the method, according to the Cook County folks: Line an aluminum or enameled pan with aluminum foil, add silverware and fill with enough water to cover the utensils. Add one teaspoon salt, one teaspoon baking soda and boil for three minutes. An alternative vacuum cleaner method is to line a non-metal container with aluminum foil, sprinkle with four tablespoons baking soda, and add tarnished silver. Then carefully pour in a gallon of boiling water and wait two minutes. Either way, carefully pull out each utensil with tongs and wipe away the tarnish, then wash with soap and dry.
5)Removing gum:
Remove gum stuck to clothes or hair by putting ice on the spot or freezing the clothing, then use a butter knife to pop off the frozen gum.
6)Freeze away garbage disposal odors
Verdict: Success
To clean and de-stink the garbage disposal, we made vinegar ice cubes and crushed them in the disposal. They should also sharpen the blades. Just don’t drop those vinegar cubes in your ice water. It seemed to neutralize the smell but, again, we don’t have a smell-o-meter. Still, I think we’ll stick to our standard practice of grinding occasional lemon peels for smells and eggshells to sharpen.
Other high-temp cleaning solutions:
We came across a couple of other ways to use boiling water for cleaning, but weren’t able to test them.

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